Sarah Connor - That Girl

Текст песни Sarah Connor - That Girl

Are you talkin about me?

Youre talkin trash!

[verse 1]

Red carpet rollin, pockets are swollen

Still got my friends, and with them I be flowin

Rockin dont stoppin and shoppin

Still comin on strong, Ill be flossin

This ones just for you

Im takin it to level 2

Tell me why youre talkin trash


They talk about that girl on the scene,

Flossin that gucci on tv - ahha

That girl with the car

20(inch) rims on da jaguar- ahha

That girl on da show

Flippin that bird just like a pro - ah ha

That girl, that girl

[verse 2]

I take things step by step

Until theres nothing left

But the top and it dont stop

When I sign off, I can hear the beat drop

No matter what I do, I cant do right by you

You can chit chat the chadder but it dont matter

This is 4 you


I will be shining, youll be cryin

You dont wanna (f***) front with me

On viva and on mtv

Im gonna still be me

And I will be shinin youll be dyin

You dont wanna (f***) front with me

Toe to toe on mtv

Im gonna still be me

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