Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back (Short Edit)

Текст песни Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back (Short Edit)

To the Moon And Back (оригинал Savage Garden )

She's taking her time making up the reasons
To justify all the hurt inside
Guess she knows from the smiles and the look in their eyes
Everyone's got a theory about the bitter one

They're saying
Mama never loved her much
And daddy never keeps in touch
That's why she shies away from human affection
But somewhere in a private place
She packs her bags for outer space
And now she's waiting for the right kind of pilot

To come (and she'll say to him)

She's saying

I would fly you to the moon and back
If you'll be if you'll be my baby

Got a ticket for a world where we belong
So would you be my baby

She can't remember a time
When she felt needed
If love was red then she was colour-blind
All her friends they’ve been tried for treason
And crimes that were never defined

She's saying

Love is like a barren place
And reaching out for human faith is
Is like a journey I just don't have a map for
So baby gonna take a dive and push the shift to overdrive
Send a signal that she's hanging all her hopes on the stars

(What a pleasant dream) just saying


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