Saves The Day - Always Ten Feet Tall

Текст песни Saves The Day - Always Ten Feet Tall

So I said, lets forget these days and just try to build some solid ground.
Maybe someday we could stand straight up with our faces in the wind
and scream to the world.
We were at some boating dock oh somewhere at the waterfront staring out across the channel-
a steamer blared its horn
and I wished I could say everything right like do you want to go for a ride?
I looked to your face and saw the sun reflecting off your skin and I breathed in water smells-
the skyline filled with shipping yards and factories had me dreaming of waking up-
am I dreaming? is this really me? because I've never felt so not lonely
and if this could be real right now

then everyday for the rest of my life I will search for moments full of you
but let's hope tomorrow won't cave in 'cause I'm looking for someone to change me
and you make me feel so tall- I always want to be this tall
'cause maybe I'll be original
and sometimes things you say just make me think in different ways so this is my way of saying
I could be the one who's dragged home at night away from all my hopeless dreams-
you and me will forge some future because we don't want to be waiting
for something right to go wrong .

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