Saves The Day - Thrid Engine

Текст песни Saves The Day - Thrid Engine

The sky grows bigger everyday
And the other week I hopped on a train
Cutting through state
lines to come to you as the crow flies
and out there in the offing
Everything was melon and orange

Did you know my sweet
Yeah, that I once took the liberty of
Watching you in your sleep?
i rolled over and over
trying to touch your knees underneath the sheets

And I just wanted you to know
That every pool of water reminds me of you
Is that all right?
I hope you think it's cool
cause sometimes a train can't go as fast as I want it to


Yeah, I rolled over and over
Trying to touch your knees yeah-ah
Woah, underneath the sheets
Tryin to touch your knees

Everything seemed a little easier
When we weren't 100 miles apart
The person across from me sitting in her train seat
Reminded me of you
and I looked out past her cheeks
Through the glass-light conduit
The sun has sunk already
disappeared into New Jersey
Oh, why don't they have phones on these things?

What can I do
I'm stuck thinkin' about you


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