Scooter - Take A Break

Take A BreakScooter4:15

Текст песни Scooter - Take A Break

Let's go!
We gonna mix up the place and tear it up inside!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Right about now, it's the mic wrecker,
Too big to rhyme, two-time checker,
Two times darker to blow the speaker,
Too dangerous to bring the creeper.
Rollin' with the mic provider,
I'm the real rhythm rider,
Damage from the infiltrator,
Take a break, i'll see you later,

Come on!

When i'm on the mic, best realise,
As i exercise my vocal suprise,

Bored you'll never get with the bass inject,
To make your body sweat, I got the rep.
As the lyrical master,
Banging staright out of your stereo blaster,
Faster and faster, we stick with the pace,
Ravers watch out, don't screw up your face,
And take a break now!

Get up!

Slow down for one more time, yeah!

Get up!

Alright everybody, see you in a minute!

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