Shaggy - John Doe

Текст песни Shaggy - John Doe

Lets do this onepositively
This one goes out to me mislead
To preserve the youths of tomorrow
Today is the time to stop all the unnecessary blood shed
Life of a gangster is not sweet
And I'm coming to you straight from the streets
This could be a story about anybody
But let's call him John Doe


A rude boy get murder cops were quicker on the draw
Another youth get murder a victim of the law
Rude boy get murder cops were quicker on the draw
Another youth get murder a victim of the law

(verse 1)
Johnny was wicked ragamuffin and raw
Pull off a robbery but the cops he never saw
He got surrounded and they crushed him like a straw
John Doe went out like that
No, no, no

He heard them coming but he didn't get to flee
Wanted by the cops was living like a refugee
Do no evil think no evil try it and you will see
Bad boy and law man don't gree


Wicker on the microphone that is where I get my vibe
Trying to hustle and make a doller ain't got no 9 to 5
watching my back when going home and trying to stay alive
Got to strive, got to strive, got to strive
Johnny was a gangster well ain't life a bitch
Robbing with his homies then they got ditched
Thought he was the man but he was rolling with a snitch
All he wanted to do was get rich(ME)


(verse 1)


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