Shaggy - Leave Me Alone

Текст песни Shaggy - Leave Me Alone

I know he's home
I just seen him go in
He's really trying to play me
Where he be, it's just over like that
It just ain't that easy
Trust me, i am not the one
hmm hmm hmm hmm
Whatever, i got all night

Go figure how you turned out
To be a real gold digger
What you don't care
Should draw the picture bigger
You ain't my main squeeze
It's five in the morning
Why you calling my phone
Keep the sweater, just leave me alone
No more love letters
Gotta play myself
Cuz i should have known better
"hello, hello"

Just leave me alone
Stop calling my phone
Quit invading my home
Why don't you leave me alone
(repeat twice)

What a bummer
Met this girl on South Beach last summer
Mummy got back, but she ain't no stunner
Chat for a while and i had a few drinks

Well the next thing you know
We were fogging up the Hummer
Now the chick's banging on my door like a hammer
Stalking my house, big tap like a plumber
Couldn't keep myself cuz
I thought with my brain, i would haveleft her alone
She got laced, the opportunity was right in my face
And that's how she ended up back in my place
I wish i could go back in time
And correct that faded mistake

I wish she would just leave me alone
Stop calling my phone
Quit invading my home
Why don't you leave me alone
(repeat twice)

Just leave that girl alone
"Knew i shouldn't have taken this girl's number"
Don't call her from your phone
"Damn, caller-ID"
Just leave that girl alone
"And to think that was the one"
Don't dare pick up your phone
"Damn, the attraction, gosh!"

(repeat 1st verse)

The number you have called has been disconnected

(repeat chorus)

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