Shaggy - You Girl

Текст песни Shaggy - You Girl

[Intro: Shaggy]
Straight up this love is like a blessing from above
Baby girl you know we go together like Hand and Glove
Cause girl I'm always 'bout to see you
Said it's Shaggy and Ne-Yo

[Hook: Ne-Yo]
I know when it's you girl, you girl
Sunshine and the flowers, jealous of the power
Of you girl, you girl
Reason that my heart beats we hit the bed but no sleep
Ooo girl, ooo girl
Body like a blessing say amen when you undress in front of me
Oo wee oo wee
I would happily call you the better half of me

Good lovin' wake me up in the morning
Make it right before the lights up
Put on the pressure when her body is calling
I make her face light up
Me get the rating from just how me performing
She know I got the right touch
And she no stop request me daily
My one and only lady cause lately she knows that
I understand the body language you speaking
That physical attraction
The little things you do ya temperature peaking
I'm loving your dimensions
Well put together naïve be to revealing
You've captured my attention
Cause girl you got the real thing
That on my bended knee thing

My feelings are so sure

[Hook: Ne-Yo]

I like the way how things are going
We nah fi force it our love continue growing
Keep it spontaneous cause our thing is never boring
Cause every night girl it's your body I'm exploring
I'm knowing
Just what you need to keep you glowin'
Just like a river girl your body's ever flowing
I'm genuine in everything that I am showing
Girl I'll protect you from the rain my heart is pouring
I knowing it's

You've got terrible days
I know you could find somebody better, yeah
I'm like a charity case
Am I deserving loving, no never
Say by the way you smile at me
Tells me that I make you happy
And I can ask for nothing more
I adore time we spend together

[Hook x2]

[Outro: Shaggy]
Baby girl
Good lovin' wake me up in the morning

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