Shawn Colvin - Monopoly

Текст песни Shawn Colvin - Monopoly

S. colvin

I dont know what else to do

I would rather do anything

Than write this song for you

And perpetuate this thing

In my head, in my living room

With the usual arsenal

Of broken chords and rusty strings

To surrender all

And I dont like to be so weak

Retreating behind these lines

The same old tongue-in-cheek

Regretting that both are mine

And I dont like to live this way

This is really true

But I know better than to pray now

About what I just have to learn to do

But imagine the nerve of god

Letting me let you in

And I thought I could let you go in grace

Ive gotta think again

Because right now I would be bought

And sold

To see your face somewhere

I would sell your sweet soul

Just to touch your crazy black gold hair

I dont care whats really real

I was someone that youd heard of

I saw heaven in your eyes

And we made a deal

And thats what I know of love

Music, it never goes

But I told you I hate that shit

When people saywell you know

You got a song out of it

But I dont know what else to do

I would rather be anywhere

Than here without you

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