Shawn Colvin - Suicide Alley

Текст песни Shawn Colvin - Suicide Alley

Wait for me by the banshee tree

Let me be your wailing companion

Pass em on by, dont look em in the eye

Suicide alley is callin

You thought you were dreaming

You could wake up dead

And youll never know whats real

All this damage is runnin loose in your head

And it really matters to me

Oh, no, baby dont go

Walkin down suicide alley

Downtown baby its a million to one

You might as well name your poison

And stand in line by the exit sign

Suicide alley is waiting

Youre a loose cannonball on a sinking ship

From the belly of the beast, shot from the hip

But you dont have to be going down the dark hall

Youre not tied to the chair, youre not nailed to the wall

Oh, no, baby dont go

Walkin down suicide alley

Sitting naked by the window in the middle of the night

I can see you wearing your halo

If only in the daybreak of the dirty street light

I know baby wasnt born to follow

You know I wasnt born I was spat out at a wall

And nobody even knew my name

The sun hatched me out, cradle and all

On the corner of first and insane

For the souls of the departed and the renegades of love

You and me we gotta be all we dreamed of

In the ruins of mischief through the ravages of time

You got a place in this world of mine

Oh, no, baby dont go

Walkin down suicide alley

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