Sheryl Crow - Indian Summer

Текст песни Sheryl Crow - Indian Summer

The voices hanging in the air
The fingers running through my hair
You whisper in my ear, words I'm afraid to hear

You're sleeping on the wings of doves
Of melting in the heat of love
A voice that disappears, into the air

You said you found me, and never let me go, and until you do
No arms around me, to pull me away, away from you

Indian summer, I remember you
Indian summer, do you think of me too?

Like a moth to a flame, you're drawn to me with tender chains
You wrap me up so tight, and hold me all the night

Who's the stranger come and gone, statues crying in the lawn
The fountain's frozen tears, bring back those years

Did you think you loved me, and do you want me now like you did back then
No moon above me, could make me feel this way, feel this way again

Indian summer, I remember you
Indian summer, do you think of me too?

Where do the seasons go when you let them slip away
Now the winds have changed from hot to cold today
Indian summer, Indian summer, I remember you, where are you now

Ohhh, Indian summer, I remember you
Indian summer, do you think of me, do you think of me too
Cause I remember you, Indian summer

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