Shola Ama - Sym4ony

Текст песни Shola Ama - Sym4ony

ohhh u got to hold on me
(ohh girl feel so right)ohh yeah
Slowly i've fallen in love
without realising what it was
now that i know
im fascinated
all of u is not enough
id never be lonely again
now that i have u in my arms
i can see clearly now
the rain has gone
u r sent from up above
ure an elation
sweet revelation
and in your eyes i see my future
ure all im thinking of
u got a hold on me
u know i need u in my life
u put a spell on me
u know i never felt so right
ure sent from heaven
u r like an angel to me
my heart is dancing to the sweetest sym4ny
{Danny K}
u lit a claim on my heart

like no one ever dared before
perfect vision of tomorrow
yesterday is far behind
subsantly from yell
i almost lost my mind
now that i found u girl
i promise i wont let u run my side
i feel a sensation a fascination
im caught up in the rapture
i just cant believe ur mine


Just leave ur cares behind(x2)
spread ure wings across the sky
i know a place there is paradise
let me take u there
ur my everything the answer to my prayers
ohh uuuuu
u know i need (x2)u in my life (oooh girl)
now that i have u in my arms
loving now and tomorrow(x2)

till the end

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