Sinead O Connor - Dark I Am yet Lovely

Текст песни Sinead O Connor - Dark I Am yet Lovely

Dark I am yet lovely as tents of Kedar
As the pavilions of Solomon either
Don't hate me because the sun has darkened me
All my mother's sons were so angry with me
They made me watch the vineyards
My own things I did not guard

On my bed at night I sought whom my soul loves
Oh I sought I sought but I found him not
So I ask you daughters of Jerusalem
Where is my love? Oh tell me have you seen him?

Majestic as Lebanon stately as cedars
His mouth so delicious his fragrance so pleases
Such is my beloved such is my darling

And if you see him say my heart is pining
For the kisses of his mouth and his flavours
Oh the king had brought me into his chambers
Say I delight in his love
Say he's the one my soul was

Vast floods can't quench love no matter what love did
Rivers can't drown love no matter where love's hid
So when you do find him out
Bring him to my mother's house
And into the chamber of her who conceived me
Then will he know me and then will he see me
Tell him that love isn't done
Tell him don't leave me alone

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