Sinead O Connor - War

Текст песни Sinead O Connor - War

A song from Bob Marley which Sinead
did sing during the well known
"Pope-incident" in Saterday Night Live
and a few days later during the
Bob Dylan tribute concert.


Until the philosophy,
which holds one race superior
and another inferior,
is finally and permanently
discredited and abandoned,
everywhere is war.

Until there is no longer first class
or second class citizens of any nation.
Until the color of a manжЉЇ skin,
is of no more significance then
the color of his eyes,
IжЉіe got to say "war".

That until the basic human rights,
are equally guaranteed to all,
without regard to race,
IжЉЈl say "war"

Until that day the dream of lasting peace,
world-citizenship and the rule of
international morality will remain
just a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
but never obtained.

And everywhere is war.

Until the ignoble and unhappy regime
which holds all of us through,
child-abuse, yeah, child-abuse yeah,
sub-human bondage has been toppled,
utterly destroyed,
everywhere is war.

war in the east,
war in the west,
war up north,
war down south,
there is war,
and the rumors of war.

Until that day,
there is no continent,
which will know peace.

children, children.


We find it necessary.
we know we will win.
we have confidence in the victory
of good over evil


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