Slipknot - My Plaque

Текст песни Slipknot - My Plaque

I`m in conniptions
For the final act
You came here for
The one derivative
You manage is the
One I abhor
I need a minute to elaborate
For everone the
Everyday bullsh*t things
That you have done
Your impossible ego
F*** is like a
Megalomaniacal tab
On my tonque
You f***in` touch me
I will rip you apart
I`ll reach in and take
A bite out of that sh*t
You call a heart...

I don`t mind being ogled
Made to feel minuscule
If you consider the source
It`s kinda pitiful
The only thing you really
Know about me is
That`s all you`ll ever know

I know why you blame me
I know why you plague me


I`m turning it around
Like a knife in the shell
I wanna understand why
But I`m hurting myself
I haven`t seen a reasons
To stop it
I can`t just drop it
I`m just a b*stard
But at least I admit it
At least I admit it

I know why you blame me
I know why you plague me

Kill you
F*** you
I will never be you
Kill you
F*** you
I will never be you
I can`t f***in` take it
A snap of the synapse
And now it`s f***in` war
Kill you
F*** you
I will never be you

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