Smash Mouth - Diggin Your Scene

Текст песни Smash Mouth - Diggin Your Scene

Tell me why were all gluttons for pain

The girl is totally insane

She doesnt know the meaning of tame

Still I cant put out the flame

Hey hey I wanna play on the team that you despise

Every day a new disguise

Every night a halloween

She says keep the motor runnin man

Like I was some machine

You can talk talk but im keepin her stock

I wouldnt even change a thing

Why fight youve got me roped and tied

I hit your baited line

Im so diggin your scene

I said youre playing with my head

I could split instead

Im so diggin your scene

On you like a hungry tick

Like a junkie knows he ought to kick

But I dont want to be dope sick

So I scramble for a fix

Voodoo and sorcery too I cant shake your freaky spell


Can anybody tell me why were springer bound

Why we feel so up when were kept down

On a short leash behind a barbed wire fence

With no chance of parole on a life sentence

My friends tell me I should run

They say they think shes got a gun

But that just only turns me on

Right on right on right on

Hey hey I wanna play for the team that you despise


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