Smash Mouth - Whole Lotta Love

Текст песни Smash Mouth - Whole Lotta Love

It's like I told you before baby
And what more could I say that I know you should know
Three little words are thrown around so much
That after a while they begin to lose their touch

And you know that I should think of something better
Switch it around like I came up with something clever
Or maybe I should just shut up
Cuz I got nothing but a whole lotta love

Could you be lovelier?

For you I'd take off my shoes and my socks baby
And watch you laugh as I walk across burning rocks
But then I couldn't chase you everywhere you go
And it's all about the chase, everybody knows

I'd like to think that you would never make me do this
But you know I'd do it if I had to prove it
I'd do it again and again, you know I'd dummy up

Cuz I got nothing but a whole lotte love

Could you be lovelier?
Could I be luckier?
So why was I so dumb?
Maybe we're living on Mars
And Venus is too far
Now I got nothing but nothing to lose

Could you be lovelier? I don't know
But I've seen a lot of things and nothing measures up
They say that beauty never goes deeper than the skin
I know a certain girl they've never ever seen

And every time I see ya I just wanna get near ya
And I just wanna make it crystal clear
It's like I told you before, I got nothing for you
But a whole lotta love

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