Snoop Dogg - James and the giant peach

Текст песни Snoop Dogg - James and the giant peach

My names is James and I am a little boy
Who used to have fun and lots of joy
Then my parents were eaten and died
James was lonely and wanted to hide
He had to live with two aunts that was old and mean
Little James didn’t know, “Better days was going to be seen”
James felt sad and ran away
That was the beginning of a better day
He met an old man that gave him a gift
This was going to make his life great and swift
Running home fast as he could
Not as careful as he should
His gift of green things came pouring out
He knew it was gone without a shadow of a doubt
They were absorbed in the ground
James was sad and didn’t make a sound
Before their eyes, a peach began to grow
All his aunts could think about was making some doe
People came and paid to see the peach
It was fenced out of everyone’s reach
James did not get fed
He had to stay inside on his bed

He was made to go outside to clean
It was amazing what his eyes seen
Peach was big as a house
James was quiet as a mouse
To his surprise there was a hole
He was curious so he became bold
He touched the peach and crawled inside
Not knowing he would be going for a ride
Inside were some life size bugs
And i thought who are these mugs
All of them knew my name
And I thought what a crazy sick game
They started talking to me
Better life was going to be
There were friendly and kind
Hey, they were going to be friends of mine
No more sadness and tears
I was going to have happy years
As the peach began to roll
I knew a story would be told

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