Soft Cell - Bedsitter (extended)

Текст песни Soft Cell - Bedsitter (extended)

Sunday morning going slow
I'm talking to the radio
Clothes and record on the floor
Memories of the night before
Out in clubland having fun
And now I'm hiding from the sun
Waiting for a visitor
Though no-one knows I'm here for sure

Dancing laughing
Drinking loving
And now I'm all alone
In bedsit land
My only home

I think it's time to cook a meal
To fill the emptiness I feel
Spent my money going out
I've nothing I'm left without
Clean my teeth and comb my hair
Look for something new to wear
Start the nightlife over again
Kid myself I'm having fun


I look out from my window view
There's really nothing else to do
Read a book maybe write a letter
Mother, things are getting better
Watch the mirror count the lines
The battle scars of all the good times
Look around and I can see
A thousand people just like me


I'm waiting for something
I'm only passing time

[For purchasers of the 7" version, the song stops here. For purchasers of
The 12" version, there are the additional lines:]

Do you look a mess?

Do you have a hangover?
Did you overdo the lemonade
Cut short on the soda?
Did you do that dance the doctor
Told you that you shouldn't do?
But you're only young
You should do that dance twice over
I knew it's pretty early
But you still look great
Just ready for the beauty
That the make up will create
Take a little blusher
Take a little paint
Put on the silver dress
The one that makes the young boys faint
I'm sitting on my bed
And I'm looking at the time
Have a cup of coffee
And you're feeling fine
Put on that new record
That you bought the other day
The words will make you smile
You can dance the dust away
Make your single bed
And push the tea leaves down the drain
Take a long deep breath
And start the nightlife over again

I'm waiting for someone
I'm only passing time
And now I'm all alone
And I don't care
And I don't care


And I don't care
I don't care


(Repeat and fade...)

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