Soft Cell - Memorabilia (Alternative Rap)

Текст песни Soft Cell - Memorabilia (Alternative Rap)

Everywhere I go, I take a little piece of you
I collect, I reject, photographs I took of you
The towns that I passed through, I've got to have a memory
Or I have never been there.
I have never had you, had you, had you.....
I can't remember, give me a reminder
I collect, I reject memorabilia....memorabilia

Key chains and snow storms
Give me a reminder, give me a reminder
I collect, I reject mmmmmmmmmemorabilia
Key chains and snow storms
Give me a reminder... (X4)

Everywhere I go you know I'd like you all to know
That I'm the one for having fun, just send the bad times on the run
To move around to the softest sound, ecstatic dancing all around
I'm on the town, I'll give you hell, if you don't put me in my cell.

I may be soft, I made the top, I like my cabaret non-stop,
It may be erotic, it may be ecstatic
With it down on your floor or in your attic.

You can take it low or shut our eyes, and let our love materialise,
And I don't mean love on a chocolate box, I mean the love that really rocks
I say call me the baby, the good time lady,
Just look at me and it's easy to see why they call me Cindy Ecstasy.

Because I've got the eyes, the where's, the why's to make your love thing really
You don't need your speed or your pair of wheels.
You've got the prize that will brighten your skies.

So look me up and I'll tell no lies,
Cause I'm the lady with the hot surprise,
If you don't believe me, ask Soft Cell, because I shook them up and I gave
Them hell.
So Call up Cindy Ecstasy if you're looking for a memory

So call up Cindy Ecstasy if you're looking for a memory (5x)

Go turn the beat around, got to hear percussion, turn it upside down,
Got to hear percussion, got to hear percussion.....


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