Something Corporate - Airports

Текст песни Something Corporate - Airports

You little creep, That's what she said, these quotes from your mother, get better every day.
And you'll be nothing, just like your father, at least that's what the kids at school say.

And Jamie spent her Christmas at the Airport, She said planes made her feel like she could get away. And I spent Christmas in a detox ward, I wish I had an Airport...Someday...Cause somedays are just so hard

And we hung like space stations and rocketships
And dreamed like we were things of the sky
We dressed like kings and queens and lovers
And shouted out into the night we're never gonna die
And I've waited here for hours, hoping that you'd call
And my dialing finger's tired, and your machine is full
And I've taken 18 showers just to pass the time

And that fucking phone just rang, but it wasn't you on the line.
(And you don't seem to mind)

And it was New Year's Eve, but I was thinking of the summer, knowing that at midnight you wouldn't be around. And they say children make the greatest soldiers, they do just like they're told, and take up less space on the ground. And it seems to me that we'd been here before

Where were you when I was at the airport,
where were you when i wanted to fly
Tell me where you were when i was at the airport, these planes fall from the sky.

And I wish I had an airport, somedays
Cause some days are just so hard.

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