Sonique - Hear My Cry

Текст песни Sonique - Hear My Cry

So many words are spoken
But nothing seems to get throught of you
So many hungry people are dying
So what are we gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
Think about it, yeah
What are we gonna do about it?
Hear the voices, hear them calling
Calling out to you
I wanna live on a happier planet
Where a guilty conscience is a normal thing
I wanna live on a happier planet
Where I'm respected for the love I give
Oh yeah, ah

So don't you hear my cry?
I'm calling out to, I'm calling out to you
Oh yeah, ah
So don't you hear my cry?

Sadness sweeping over the world
Can't you feel it?
Why is it so hard for us to love?
And so easy to hate

I wanna live on a happier planet
Where judgment is not by color of skin
I wanna live on a happier planet
Where I'm respected for the love I give
Do you find this all entertaining?
Destruction of the human race
If there is a God out there somewhere
How much more can we take? Oh yeah, ah


Traveled all around the earth
Searching for a love--it's hard to find
So hard to find
I go home switch on my TV
All I see is pain, and there's no gain
When will it end? Take it from me, my heart is yearning
How long can this carry on?
Seeking the sounce of my inspiration
To set my spirit free


Can you hear the voices calling out?...

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