Soundgarden - Into The Void

Текст песни Soundgarden - Into The Void

How can you buy or sell the sky

Or the warmth of the land it's strange to us

We don't own the freshness of the air

Or the sparkle of the water

How can you buy them from us

The white man doesn't understand our ways

For he's a stranger who comes in the night

And takes from the land just what he needs

Oh yeah

He treats his brothers like his enemies

When it's completed he moves on

He leaves his father's grave and his birthright

His birthright is forgotten

The air is precious to the red man

For all things share the same breath

The white man won't notice the air he breathes

Like a man dying for many days

All right now

The whites must treat the beasts of his land

As his brothers not his enemies

Tell me what is man without the beasts

I'll bet he will die of loneliness

One thing we know that the white man will

We know our god is the same god

You may think you wish to own him

Own him as you wish to own our land

But he is the body of man

And the earth is precious to him

Continue to contaminate your bed

And you will suffocate in your waste

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