South - Tightwork 3000

Текст песни South - Tightwork 3000

Mr. D'em down playa
Remember me, ha ha,
With dat D in ya life
10 K.A.N.'s and 95 South
We bout to lay it down
For everybody in da club, in da club, in da club

Hook: [95 South and 10 K.A.N's]

Work, work
Ahw work, work
Tightwork, work
Now work, work
Ahw work, work
Ahw work, work
Tightwork, work
Now work, work


1st Stanza of verses: [Daddy Black, AB, ???]

It's tightwork when I'm rolling in my Cadillac
Getting some slow head
Sippin' on Koniac

It's tightwork when you rolling from Duval and Dade
With a pocket full of bread on a escapade

It's tightwork when you leaning in ya Coupe Deville
Twenty, twen, twen with the wood grain steering wheel

It's tightwork when we put that in yo life
And then we turn around and put something in yo

It's tightwork when you holla out we ready
Laid back smoked out off in the Chevy

It's tightwork when you left right left step
Forward march, Tight 2 Def

It's tightwork, when ya boy pushing dat weight
You drove wit bout 4 and bring back 8

It's tightwork when ya ride for ya jigga
Die for ya jigga, you know we stay tight for our jigga's

Hook: [95 South and 10 K.A.N.'s]

Work, work
Ahwww work, work
Tighhtwork, work
Nowww work, work
Ahhw work, work
Ahhw work, work
Tighhtwork, work
Nowww work, work


2nd Stanza of verses [Daddy Black, AB,???]

You know what's tightwork them ??? black girls
Dem red bone girls, dem bowlegged girls

It's tightwork, when you do a ??? in her draws
And now she in the kitchen cooking grits in her draws

It's tightwork when you bring a ho to the studio
Make her do tricks to be in the video

It's tightwork when you tell her ay oh, ay oh
When she drop dat big booty on down to the flo'

It's tightwork when you got a pair of gators on
Step off in the club and you got dem broad's head gone

It's tightwork when you off in the mall ballin'
Shot callin', playa just ballin'

Now damn, y'all tightwork when y'all ball
Got me riding on this track representing Duval

It's tightwork, when you caught a head round three
With two of her friends and you split all three


3rd Stanza of Verses [Daddy Black, AB, ???]

It's tightwork when you ballin' with a chicken head
Who a red dirty foot and she ain't even scared
Take her to the spread
Lay her on the bed

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