Special - Chain Lightnin'

Текст песни Special - Chain Lightnin'

On a rainy night, you showed up at my door
Child of the night, down and forlorn
Still I took you in, it's in the stars above
All girls are made the same, they all need a little love

And the magic of the moment
Exploded with desire
When the time is right, the sparks ignite
And set the night on fire

It's chain lightnin', too hot to fight
Hot on the heels of a saturday night
Chain lightnin', out of control
Straight to the heart and down to your soul
Chain lightnin', heavens above
Another day older, still searching for love
Chain lightnin, too hot to fight
And it's hotter than hell, in the heavens tonight

I was livin' hard, I was feelin' down and lonely
When toward the boulevard, a limousine moved slowly
And I noticed in the back seat, a lady wrapped in fur
Her eyes burned through me, and mine stared back at her

And I recognized the moment
As I opened up her door
I knew I would regret it
"I'd" been burned before.


And lord it's so hot when the chain reaction
Is set off with a kiss
And it's so tough when the satisfaction
Is greater than the risk
When you look in her eyes and you realize
This time you can't resist
It's chain lightnin'

And the magic of the moment
Exploded with desire
When the time is right the sparks ignite
And set the night on fire

Chain lightnin'

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Special - Chain Lightnin'?

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