Special - Undercover Lover

Текст песни Special - Undercover Lover

It took some time before you found me out
Don't you remember when you had your doubts
I fill your fantasy, I'm one and the same
I'll start your fire, just give me a ring
You paid for service babe, I'm always on hand
To solve your problems satisfy your demands


I'm your undercover lover
I'm a one night stand
I'll take installments
I'm a fair kind of man, yeah
My clientel many
Some I don't charge a penny
I'm your undercover man, yes I am

It must've started back when I was a boy
I took to women like a child loves his toys
I never dreamed of being paid for the fun

But you're my witness that I'm second to none
You might be thinkin' girl He's blind to your needs
Each time you're with me, it's so easy to see


You know it's not the last time lady
Oh you'll be callin' again
I'll show you just what you've been missin'
Don't it feel good
Ain't it nice to see me again
Lord to see me again

(Undercover) I'm a one night stand
(Undercover lover) I ain't ever got your love in my hands
(Lover undercover) Give you all you could stand
Don't wish you'd try to run hard
I'm your undercover lover, yeah

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