Spin doctors - Biscuit Head

Biscuit HeadSpin doctors4:18

Текст песни Spin doctors - Biscuit Head

Hey now eddie all covered in confetti

Cmon over here and gimme some of your spaghetti

Hey now ed you big biscuit head

Stop cracking your toes and get your pig out my bed

Hey now mack with your head in a crack

Your body in a bag and your flamingo in a sack

Hey now chester you big baby bester

Who cuts your clothes the butcher or the jester?

Biscuit head why you have a biscuit head

Biscuit head a noteworthy biscuit head

Hey now mabel why you looking for a label

I hope that uou dont get eaten in the fable

Hey now nellie with an anchor on your belly

Shall I compare peanut butter to your jelly

Hey now fellow rocker youre such a good talker

Cant chew gum and rockefeller from your locker

Hey now bill did you get your fill

Cmon up the stairs come up and sign your will

Biscuit head you got a double decker biscuit head

Its got you all laid up in bed

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