Spin doctors - Forever Collapses

Текст песни Spin doctors - Forever Collapses

Nights the garden wall

Evenings a creeping vine

And our fingers are woven

Into stanzas that rhyme

The thunder is such a fright

And the sky is a cloth

And the moons bright night light

Reflects off a moth

In your sad arms she comforts

Time is devout

And forever collapses to the span of a flower.

Forever collapses to the span of a flower

Im your insane stallion

Bridled by your tune

My hooves upturn your meadow

And my eyes reflect the moon

Your lips are a sunset

And your glance engulfs mine

Your sweet respiration turns my water into wine

In your sad arms she comforts

Time is devout

And forever collapses to the span of a flower

Im your dark king,

And you were queen to me

And the dead made me hades.

Demeter made you persephone

All my dead subjects

They shall not see the sun

Oh, to live past the three-headed dog

Youre the only living one

Ah, the only living one

Oh, the living one

Ya ba ba ba ba...etc.

You live beneath the gnarly roots,

Not for death or misdeed.

You remain by my side for my love

And 6 of my pomegranate seeds

And for the other 6 moons

I release your hand

And your mother demeter

Bring her queen back to the land

In your sad arms she comforts

Time is devout

And forever collapses to the span of a flower

The span of a flower

The king of the dead

Reaches into the roots

Of the ceiling of his kingdom

And plucks down for his side

One living colored breathing blossom

(the following was spoken on 5/24/92 at the fastlane ii. it causes the whole song to make


The king of the dead,

Inspecting the borders of his dark kingdom

Finds persephone, the daughter of demeter,

The goddess of spring, and all green things

Picking flowers.

The lonely king of the dark land,

Smitten with love in that moment,

Bleeding from an arrow of cupid

Decided in that moment to make persephone his wife.

Stealing her he brought her down,

Down to his kingdom of night,

Where only the dead are.

Demeter, the mother of persephone,

In a fit of sadness, weeping for her daughter

Allowed all the green things of the world to die.

The people of the world were starving,

And they went to zeus and demanded

That he make demeter bring back the spring,

For the winter had raged on for years.

A trial was held in the kingdom of the dead.

Hades agreed that if persephone had not taken anything from his

Kingdom that she would freely be allowed to leave

And join her mother on the earth above.

One of the dead subjects of the dark king

Spoke up saying that he had seen the daughter of spring

Eat 6 pomegranate seeds.

It was decided that she would live 6 months under the earth with

Hades, the God of the dead, and for the other 6 months she would be

Allowed to rise, and demeter would bring spring back to the land.

And every 6 months that her daughter is beneath the earth,

All the green things die, and winter holds reign until

The king of the dead relinquishes the hand of the daughter of

Spring, and allows her to return to her mother, who allows

The green to return in spring to the surface of the earth.

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