Sporty Thievz - No Pigeonz (Remix)

Текст песни Sporty Thievz - No Pigeonz (Remix)

Note: {words surrounded like this} indicate a woman speaking

(uh-oh) Pigeon!
{ah-ah} Pigeon!
(uh-oh) Pigeon!
{ah-ah} Pigeon!
(uh-oh) Pigeon!
{ah-ah} Pigeon!

[Verse One - King Kirk]
If you independant, it's spendid, it's friendship
If there's pigeons I offended? I fuckin' meant it
Get a job? All you wanna do is have sex
Credit card scams writing bad cheques
Frontin' all out with ya mom's slacks
Them ain't ya eyes, them is 'contacts'
Bitch, think you cute? Well time for the truth..
You ain't at Macy's to shop, you at Macy's to boost
I got a wifey, don't need you
That's why we fuck you and leave you
Broke as a penny as it is
Go ahead and have twenty friggin' kids
With ya empty ass fridge..
How you live in that empty ass crib
{uh-ah you've gon' too far with this}
Too far with, you called us 'scrubs' YOU started this

{You got some nerve, calling us birds, uh-uh, we can't have that}
Well if you ain't no bird, what the fuck is you mad at?
{Uh-uh, we can't have that}


[Verse Two - Big Dubez]
Ayo, hold up, let me break it down real quick
The difference between these pigeons and real chicks
A real chick is real with it, ain't no fakin'
A pigeon will tell you off the back: {"Where you takin me?..."}
A real chick will order her food and pay for it
A pigeon will order her food and fuck you for it
A real chick don't care if you floss and all that
A pigeon wanna know what it costs and all that
Dumb bitch wanna sit in the front, hittin' a blunt

Dry out with you just for you sto spit in her cunt
A real chick uses KY..
Take her out, she'll take cash out the bank to put gas in the tank
A real chick keep her dough up, never look toe up
Pigeons fuckin flow up and suck all ya dro up
Front like they drink, get drunk and straight throw up
This is our year, get the fuck outta here!



[Verse Three - Marlon Brando]
If I call you a pigeon, yo I'm still hittin'
Don't know how you trickin' kitchen cookin chicken
I don't give a fucking hell if ya leg's beat
If you strip bitch get me in the (?) free
Sophisticated in the club looking all dumb
Cow We all from the same place so we all slum
You have sex, I know you gets hyper than that
Fuck slow jamz, let me pipe up the rap
Run up in ya Prada bag while you asleep
Before I leave smack ya butt and say that you a freek
So what you want from me, money or (?)
Oh you said dough? That ain't funny you ho
If I bust a nut first, you ain't getting (?) off
Then I catch you at the club, snatch ya wig off
No pigeon can say, Brando bullshit
(?) to let my pitbull hit it, wit' it..




[Outro: to tune of "No Pigeons"]
hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmm, hmmmmm
hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmm, hmmmmm

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