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We all face the same way, Still it takes all day. I take a look to my left, Pick out the worst and the best. She paints her lip, greasy and thick. Another mirror stare. And she's going where? Another office affair, to kill an unborn scare. Talk dirty to the priest, it makes them human at least. Is she running away, to start a brand new day? Or she's going home, why's she driving alone? Is anyone going anywhere? Everyone's gotta be somewhere She's got a body in the boot? Or just bags of food? Those are models legs? But are they womens? Are they mens? She shouts down the phone, she missed a payment on the loan She's go to be above the rest, keeping up with the best Is anyone going anywhere? Everyone's gotta be somewhere She waits tables for a crook? You wrote a hardback book? You teach kids how to read? Sell your body on the street? A nurse without a job? Another uptown snob? Have I got you wrong? One look and you were gone Is anyone going anywhere? Is anyone going anywhere? Is anyone going anywhere? Everyone's got to be, somewhere.

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