Stevie Wonder - Used to Be

Текст песни Stevie Wonder - Used to Be

Superman was killed in Dallas
There's no love left in the palace
Someone took the Beatles' lead guitar

Have another Chivas Regal
It's twelve years old and sex is legal
Your parents don't know where or who you are

Used to be the hero of the ball game
Took the time to shake the loser's hand
Used to be that failure only meant you didn't try
In a world where people gave a damn

Great big wars in little place
Look at all those frightened faces
But don't come here
We just don't have the room

Love thy neighbor's wife and daughter
Cleanse your life with holy water
You don't need to pay we've got a few

Used to be a knight in shining armor
Didn't have to own a shiny car

Dignity and courage were the measure of a man
Not the drugs he needs to hide the scar, woh-oh-oh-oh

Can you picture me?
Does your preacher pray?
Does your president have soul?
Have you heard a real good ethnic tale today?

Mama took to speed and daddy ran away
But you must'nt lose control
Let's cut the class
I got some grass
The kids are wild, we just can't tame them
Do we have the right to blame them?

Pethanol are in to snitch them
We've rigged their minds with television
But what the hell, they're too young to feel pain

But believe that love can sing tomorrow
Believe the truth can make us free
Someone tried to say it, then we nailed Him to the cross
I guess it's still the way it used to be.

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