Sting - Epilouge

Текст песни Sting - Epilouge

Lay my head on the surgeons table

Take me fingerprints if you are able

Pick my brains, pick my pockets

Steal my eyeballs and come back for the sockets

Run every kind of test from a to z

And youll still know nothing bout me

Run my name through your computer

Mention me in passing to your college tutor

Check my records, check my facts

Check if I paid my income tax

Pore over everything in my c.v.

But youll still know nothing bout me

Youll still know nothing bout me

You dont need to read no books on my history

Im a simple man, its no big mystery

In the cold weather, a hand needs a glove

At times like this, a lonely man like me needs love

Search my house with a fine tooth comb

Turn over everything cause I wont be at home

Set up your microscope and tell me what you see

Youll still know nothing bout me

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