Sting - Some times

Текст песни Sting - Some times

Sometimes in life you feel the fight is over,

And it seems as though the writings on the
Superstar you finally made it,
But once your picture becomes tainted,

It's what they call,
The rise and fall

I always said that I was gonna make it,
Now it's plain for everyone to see,
But this game I'm in don't take no prisoners,
Just casualties,
I know that everything is gonna change,

Even the friends I knew before me go,

But this dream is the life I've been
searching for,
Started believing that I was the greatest,

My life was never gonna be the same,
'Cause with the money came a different
That's when things change,

Now I'm too concerned with all the things I
Blinded by all the pretty girls I see,

I'm beginning to lose my integrity

I never used to be a troublemaker,
Now I don't even wanna please the fans,

No autographs,
No interviews,
No pictures,
Endless demands,
Gave in to vices that were clearly wrong,

The types that seemed to make me feel so
But some things you may find can take over
your life,
Burnt all my bridges now I've run out of
And there's nowhere left for me to turn,
Been caught in compromising situations,
I should have learnt,
From all those times I didn't walk away,
When I knew that it was best to go,
Is it too late to show you the shape of my

Now I know,
I made mistakes,
Think I don't care,
But you don't realize what this means to
So let me have,
Just one more chance,
I'm not the man I used to be,
Used to beeeeeeeeeee

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