Sugababes - Twisted


Текст песни Sugababes - Twisted

My personality is quite rude

Only to the point where Im on girly dues

Its so hard just being me

People asking questions

Maybe they cant see

Cos Ive got my life controlled

How bout you deal with yours

Dont talk what you dont know

Youre in the back, Im doing what I know


Me myself Im twisted,

You wont know you missed it

And its ok if Im a little bit crazy

Am I a little bit insane well maybe

And its just a little something

But Id rather be me than nothing

And its ok if Im a little bit crazy

It doesnt mean I cant be a lady

Now Im the kind of girl who knows her biz

Flirtatious in a way but it depends on how I feel

Still I keep it classy, stay with a guy thats real

Cos if he aint supporting

Then hes not the real deal, check it

Im forever getting misunderstood

Always been a leader not a puppet, its good

Before the music game there was me and thats it

Ive never been the one to fight but I wont take it


Im not the type to say just get out my face

Cos the girl that you think you see

Sometimes needs a little space to breathe

Please, its not OK, to invade my space

Cos the smile that you see on show

Underneath it all I need some time to grow


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