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Текст песни Sum 41 - Reign In Pain (Heavy Metal Jamboree)

All right boys, are you ready? Here it comes...Lets's go!
Reign in pain-c'mon we're gonna Reign in pain-c'mpn we're gonna Reign in Pain [x2]
Get ready we're coming for you we're gonna make our way to your town.
Prepare for this evil affair by letting everyone around,
Realize you'll be demonized we're gonna make sure you get stung.
Don't stop we're about to to rock brink your Converse shoes with maxi-pad tongues, yeah!

Your future's looking grim, let's bathe in sin,
If your looking for a show you'll see we've got a heavy metal jamboree,
It's not so nice, but we got your vice,

If you 're looking for debauchery we got a heavy metal jamboree.
Reign in PAIN - c'mon were gonna reign in PAIN [x2]

Come with me I can guarantee you can loan your soul to us,
Understand we're a trusted brand - our metal never rusts.
We're Proud we play our music LOUD coming through a Marshall stack,
Look mean when our haircuts scream business in the front and party in the back.


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