Suzanne Vega - First Day Out

Текст песни Suzanne Vega - First Day Out

Here I am at last, Ive just jumped off the train

Im about to start my life as a wanderer in the rain

I know so many people would give anything to be in my shoes

Well, thats all right for them to say, but my shoes are soaked right through.

I dont know what made me want to come all the way out here

I guess when I was dreaming, my skies were always clear

Now Im here in a meadow with the rain streaming through my hair

I guess this is what you call traveling freely, living without care.

Here I am, all by myself, and Ill admit Im scared

All Ive got is my guitar and a couple of dollars to spare

And I know even thats not gonna last me long.

I suppose I could pick myself up and carry myself back home

But after what I put my folks through, I think I better stay alone.

Anyhow, five years of aching are packed behind this plan

Since I was ten, Ive wanted to get out of the city and live out on the land.

My parents thought I was crazy and I think now maybe theyre right

But I can still feel the freedom in following the eagles flight.

I just had to come and see what all the songs were about

My hope is returning quickly and I dont think theres any doubt

That Id better start moving if I want to get somewhere

Ill go on to the next town and see what I find there

And stay a while until I go traveling on.

(july 3, 1975)

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