Suzanne Vega - Gypsy

GypsySuzanne Vega4:04

Текст песни Suzanne Vega - Gypsy

You come from far away

With pictures in your eyes

Of coffeeshops and morning streets

In the blue and silent sunrise

But night is the cathedral

Where we recognized the sign

We strangers know each other now

As part of the whole design

Oh, hold me like a baby

That will not fall asleep

Curl me up inside you

And let me hear you through the heat

You are the jester of this courtyard

With a smile like a girls

Distracted by the women

With the dimples and the curls

By the pretty and the mischievous

By the timid and the blessed

By the blowing skirts of ladies

Who promise to gather you to their breast

Oh, hold me like a baby...

You have hands of raining water

And that earring in your ear

The wisdom on your face

Denies the number of your years

With the fingers of the potter

And the laughing tale of the fool

The arranger of disorder

With your strange and simple rules

Yes now Ive met me another spinner

Of strange and gauzy threads

With a long and slender body

And a bump upon the head

Oh, hold me like a baby...

With a long and slender body

And the sweetest softest hands

And well blow away forever soon

And go on to different lands

And please do not ever look for me

But with me you will stay

And you will hear yourself in song

Blowing by one day

Oh, hold me like a baby...

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