Suzanne Vega - Neighborhood Girls

Текст песни Suzanne Vega - Neighborhood Girls

we had our

Neighborhood girl, she

Used to hang out, in front of

Mckinseys bar, and we were

Interested in her, and her


We just wonder where shes gone...

oh shes gone?

yes, shes gone, gone, gone.

i think you know your

Neighborhood girl, she

Lives on my street, now, with

Eyes of ice

Ive seen her in the morning, when she is

Walking in the sun

And I always thought that she

Looked kind of nice

She spoke to me once

At a party, I think

And I thought at the time

That she had had too much to drink, because she

Said to me, `theres a backbone gone

And Ive got to get it back

Before going on...

And your neighborhood girl

Seems to have resigned

She was looking out at people

From the back of her mind

And before she went off

She spoke to me again

She came up and said

`you have the eyes of a friend

And theres a razors edge

That I have lost somewhere

And I would like it back

So if youve seen it anywhere...

Ive been out for a while

But Ill be back in a bit

I am just walking through the smoke

Finding out if this is it

Because Ive got this feeling

That things are going grey

And Id like to hear a straight line

To help me find my way...

I looked at her

And I did not know waht to say.

She had long black hair.

must be a different

Neighborhood girl, cause

Ours had blonde hair, in front of

Mckinseys bar

And we were interested in her

And her


We just wonder where shes gone...

oh shes gone?

yes, shes gone, gone, gone.

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