T - Fame

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[Verse 1: T$]
Uh, y'all ain't ready, in your dreams like Freddy
Flow is too cold bro, I cut like a machetes
In your girls river, then I bust like the levees
Carry a big load, boy that's Toyota or Chevy
Pick your poison, they both are deadly
And compared to mine, your situation's kinda petty
My lyrics coming heavy like your girl in missionary position
And they call me the dentist, the way I clean these foul mouths
Reppin 318 the only way I know how
Unexpected like ejecting water from a brown cow
The game is looking ugly: bow tie and unibrow
Niggas talking down but ho, who's cooler now?
The hot boys down popping with a cooler sound
You said it's smart to end it now? Wow... [Pause]
Who's stupid now?
Bring it back I wanna see how that sound!
I said bring it back I wanna see how that sound!
I can't see defeat like the bride's white gown, but who the groom though?
I got my eyes on you know who though. No homo. No Bruno
It's T$ baby! Juno!
All these niggas playing games, if anything I'm UNO
Do it this for love, make my wallet fat; sumo!
Brain like a tutor!
Big cheese call it Gouda!
Pretty yellow thing, I heard she dropped it low; Luda!
Walking tall, chest out. Interview at Hooters
You boys don't want beef. Change your religion to Buddhist
It's $!


[Verse 2: Kiddabrah]
Uh, well if it isn't the young Kid back to kill it again
Oh yes it is and what a thrill it has been, to be apart of this shit
Please pardon my French. It's just I'm feeling like a NBA star on the bench
"Coach, put me in the game!" I get a block and a steal
Then I dribble down court and get a shot in the field
Second half like Air Jordon, ain't no stopping the win!
Then I turn my Kobe on and make a shot for the win
Ya see, I got it all planned out
But even though I see it my mind
I'm dreaming on the sidelines
And even though me playing ain't likely
I keep my head and I look on the brightside
Cause see it's obviously possible
Cause if these fake niggas made it, then it's hardly an obstacle
I'm better than those niggas wait, pardon me I'm talking cool
Basically I'm on my way and y'all won't see me stopping soon-er or later
I'm out to get this paper
That's all a nigga knows, so I'm a do it till my days up
Haters tryna put me down, but I just throw that weight up
So now they made me stronger, and nobody wanna face us
Niggas be hating because they know we're making progress
I swear this history making in the process
You wander where we going, look up
If you planning to beat us there, Goodluck!
Goodluck (2x)
ShamRoc in this bitch, Woo!


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