Tanita Tikaram - Over You All

Текст песни Tanita Tikaram - Over You All

Well [lou is] alright hanging out in the wind

He really just wanted to fly

And Im alright doing the same again

You all understand I was shy

And all the palm-readers have my natural resistance

That was a bonus for you

If I told you I loved you, yeh you know I was lying

I was just trying one over you

And all the paper elephants in the paper in the school

They always used to make me laugh

Now teacher said "youre learning" but I knew I was inside burning

But these werent tears for the craft

And if you want to pretend you can help me any better

You just got to let me fall

Cos somewhere in a corner I know its alright

Im going to get over you all


And Im over you all

Well God knows thats one to the competition

Over you all

Well God knows our lives take strange positions

Well the angriest attitude dont fly so hot

You play by the water and drink such a lot

But I knew the reason to hang down my head

Its better, I think, I just lie on the bed

And sometimes it hurts but the hurtings not good

It just makes you feel like a fool

So somewhere along I can go [doing a throng]

Any say I can do without you


Somewhere inside

A laughter in here has died

Wont you come out to play, I know you played before boy

I know you played before

Well Im tingling to your talking till Im mud in your hands

You know [i] have no power so the statements kind of grand

You say "i can save the world, yes I can solve your mind"

Baby dont you tell me [? ] blind in my minds eye


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