Techniques - Karma

Текст песни Techniques - Karma

what goes around comes around right
how you treat people is how they treat you back
disrespect them or nothin'
they gonna slap you back
and sometimes it hurts
and that's bad karma
watch out for it

how am i supposed to live in a world full of negative
how am i supposed to love in a world full of push and shove
how am i supposed to bleed in a world full of rust and greed
well i guess i'll have to live day to day and pray to god that i'll be okay ay ay

these fat rats think they fit like they be iron man
i got the iron tongue in the iron hand i'll make the final stand
the final showdowns come round and hit ya
as i throw down the gaunlets and switch the picture
if ya look in the mirror your bound to get a reflection
like with every action there is a re-action
with your dodgy actions causin' negative trauma
and if you don't gots low you best watch for karma
now i'm a bomb ya wearin' ya traps like tacks
you think your floatin on the cream you had your rat pack
well i'm take that throw it back lot less twelve
how i should lock ya like jail cells so we can exhale
i'm a bull you's a minatour
i'm seein' red you had a source
i'm a target like darts boards
you're floatin' in space like astronauts
i started off last but now i'm first
now you're shakin the cut off like ambilicals at birth


i look around the city and it's all such a pity
everybody tryin' a degrit don't care for the nitty gritty
i look around the block i'm just playin hopscotch
to busy on the internet surfin' that rock

Jeff Caburts(?) kinda rude like

so what ya tryin' a prove like
i say nothing i'm just tryin' a build the feeling i live like you
i got plans to take this city off the senate
as life's one big race and i want all entries to win it
if you're not with the like with us then get out of my face
you got no place in my grace with your remains
you're a disgrace to the sire
you need to seek into your fire and look higher higher
look around
i got sounds to help you get down so you can get up
but it's all your assets that get me fed up
yeah they make me wanna throw up
they gotta grow up
while they be failin and bailin while i be sailin like noah

Melbourne (ay ay ay ay)
Sydney (ay ay ay ay)
To Brisbane (ay ay ay ay)
To Darwin (ay ay ay ay)
To Perth (ay ay ay ay)
Adelaide (ay ay ay ay)
Tassie (ay ay ay ay)
and all across the O Z Z I E

Imagine i'm the roller and it's time to roll
i will continue to partwo with no to and fro
ain't it infinty startin as we roll
i delete the pull up souls before the froze through
i got the key to the door and i'm searchin' for the keyhole
then i unlock the door i'm bringin love to my people
i like these fickle fanatics that wanna cause death
cut crows slate bring 'em before the hells depths
as i watch and see all our progress regrets
as what goes up comes down never the less
we stung by the horror
cold hearts wore armour
boomerang effect as we all face our karma


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