Teena Marie - Casanova Brown

Текст песни Teena Marie - Casanova Brown

My baby's fine
He always keeps me guessing
But never keeps me guessing about his love
He's had more girls than Howard Hughes had money
and you may think it funny when I say he loves me only
and who are you to say what he did when I was not around
just because I fell in love with Casanova Brown
Act 2 scene 5 is my command performance
my name is clairvoyance and it's all too clear
I was the one
who said tune in tomorrow
I think about tomorrow, even when I am asleep and
who are you to say
what I did when you weren't around
just because I fell in love with you
Casanova Brown
standing room only, the concerts so loud
everyone's there for the party
the hush turns to a shout
everyone's got a piece
of the pie
of you and I

but nobody knows when the lights go down
that the tears fall harder than the whole dam crowd
throw it down my love
is just about all I can do
wasn't I the one who said
I'll have my cake and eat it to
just couldn't wait any longer
you pushed till I was through
I love you so
It hurt me but I had to let,
let you go
Did you hear me crying, baby
It sounded a little bit like this
You didn't have to make me cry
tell me again and I'll tell you why, It's over.
It's over
It's over
Over before the love turns to hate
let's let it end and let's still be friends
oohhh ,oohhh, oohhh.

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