Teena Marie - Emerald City

Текст песни Teena Marie - Emerald City

It was the kinda set you read about in storybooks
Where everybody showed but no one came
And every time I looked into the most familiar face
It seemed they all had gone and changed their names
Ms. Sureal Cartier and Ms. Say-d-Michelline
Provided entertainment for the ball
And even though the sleeper has awakened
I think she never really sleeps at all
I'm going wild in Emerald City
Wild all night long
I'm going wild in Emerald City
Wild all night long
It was the kind of thing you thirsted for but never quenched
Until you happened on an Amstel Light
And even though the brew was cold it couldn't chill me out
And then somebody offered me a light

I said thank-you no Ni Nikki but you know I don't indulge
But how's about electrifying solo
He said I think I could oblige you
With my guitar even blind you
I said hey baby take a walk on the wild side
I'm going wild in Emerald City
Wild all night long
I'm going wild in Emerald City
Listening to the rhythms of my song
Ooo I'm going wild-Ooo I'm going wild
Look around you baby baby everythings so green
You got to feel it baby
Listen to the rhythms of my song
I'm going wild
I'm going crazy

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