Teena Marie - Mr. Icecream

Текст песни Teena Marie - Mr. Icecream

Smooth talking ladies' man
The time is come for me to tell you who and what I am
I ignored the danger sign
I held on to you tight
Just like the grapes cling to the vine

I was only seventeen
A virgin to your love
A stranger to your dreams
You talked about sincerity
You wanted most to turn me out exclusively

And baby baby I was like a child
And then you tried to drive me wild
Baby you never had time for me

I'm gonna call you Mr. Icecream cuz you're just too cold
I'm gonna call you Mr. Icecream cuz you're just too cold

Hey Mr. Superfine
The time is come for me to lay it right here on the line
I'll give up the tenderness
All I ask of you is that
I get my due respect

You're so sexy sir you're so beautiful
I mean as far as lovers go

But I need more than satin sheets
Sweet sincerity I need your love for keeps

Cause baby baby I'm a woman now
And you don't have to show me how
Baby you better make time for me

I'm gonna call you Mr. Icecream cuz you're just too cold
I'm gonna call you Mr. Icecream cuz you're just too cold

You're cold baby, so cold honey, you're cold sugar
You're chilly child
You know your love's too cold-blooded

So you say you want to be an astro pop
You want to rock to the rhythm up until you drop
Well I layed this beat esepcially for you my dear
And it's guranteed to rock you up until next year
I'm gonna chill you to my right on my right-hand side
And then I'll chill you to my left on my left-hand side
And when I meet you in the middle on the real deep-freeze
Then I've chilled too cold cuz I am L.T.

I'm cold baby, too cold honey, I'm cold sugar
I'm chilly child you know my love is freezin'

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