Teena Marie - Revolution

RevolutionTeena Marie4:36

Текст песни Teena Marie - Revolution

Penny lane the pipers gone I saw the photogrpah
Neither you nor I can tell what heaven knows
I told my best friend name, Mickey, girl
We're really living in a sicky world

We need a whole new constitution
'Cause any old revolution won't do
A revolution, a revolution won't do

Have mersey beat, he sits with his wife at the sushi barr
Sipping sake to their heart's content, oh no
Go tell his friend the mahareshi-sheesh
Somebody blew away the sixties-peace

We need a moral constitution
'Cause any old revolution won't do

Rubber soul, look at the killer he's just standing there
Reading captions from the Catcher in the Rye
It didn't take too many dollars-No
To get his hands on a revolver-Blow

We need a whole new constitution
'Cause any old revolution won't do

Pepperland, there must be a toe jam working
Joo joo on his brain

If not then why do I feel so all alone
I saw a thousand different candles die
Dakota station, we've been scandaled-Why

We need a whole new constitution
'Cause any revolution won't do
The situation's gotten too far out of hand
We need a whole new constitution
'Cause any old revolution won't do
We've got to make a stand
Stand up and throw up your hands

Why must they kill all of our leaders
We've got a long, long way to go
He only wanted to let peace shine through
Any old revolution, No it just won't do-No

A revolution- a revolution won't do
Not just any revolution
I'm here to talk about the constitution
You know we need a moral constitution
Help Me!
Bump it- Just sing
La La La

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