Teena Marie - Yes Indeed

Yes IndeedTeena Marie4:58

Текст песни Teena Marie - Yes Indeed

You are the seed and the grain of every harvest
planted in love by a being far beyond this
What can it be?
Such a sweet yet painful feeling,
came over me?

Knowing this can never be,
do I love you? Yes indeed.

I am the bird which cannot be caged completely,
even though I long to spread my wings so bittersweetly.
What will I do ?
Shall I hold my love in Silence
Wonder if you feel it too.

Knowing this can never be,
does it hurt me? Yes indeed.

I've heard it said that all is fair in love and war,
but tell it like it is, does the distance hide the scar

Living our lives all alone, changing,
never really knowing what games we're playing (oh baby),
Laughing when we should have both been praying
(living, I'm living a lie)

You are the rush and the flow of every river,
soft as the touch of love when you want to be the giver.
How do I know
I guess I just imagined
Painfully so

Knowing this can never be,
do I love you? Yes indeed

You Broke my spirit
All those nights I cried

Do I love you? Yes indeed.

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