The Isley Brothers - Tears

Текст песни The Isley Brothers - Tears

Thank you, baby
For the years you've given me
For each beat of my heart
For every breath i breathe
Thank you, sweetie
For the best times of my life
Through the good, through the bad
You were always by my side
I never thought i meet someone
Who loves unselfishly
But i appreciate the way you loved
And sacrificed for me

I can't hold back these tears
Let me cry
(although a man's not suppose to cry)
If i hold back my tears
I'll just die
(you've given so much to my life)

Thank you, lady
For the joy you bring to life
When i thought all was lost and gone

You brought hope back in sight
Thank you, honey
For being my best friend
When i thought no one understood
You would always understand
I used to think that i knew love
And what true love should mean
Now i know that i did not know much
'cause you taught me everything


God so loved the world
That he blessed us all with you
And then he gave me a heart
Now i'm giving it to you
And these tears i cry are tears of joy
My happiness, i do rejoice
In the love you give unselfishly
Your constant sacrifice for me


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