The Rembrandts - Comin' Home

Текст песни The Rembrandts - Comin' Home

Sittin' at the gate, I didn't have a reservation
Couldn't turn away-Hopin' for a cancellation
Take me to the sky-Take me to my inspiration
Only one more day
I'm divin' through the sky, thinkin' 'bout the situation
I thought that I would die-Laughin' at the complication
I couldn't sleep a wink-Wonderin' what I would say to you
Only one more day...and I'll be on my way
And with the love I long to hold
Oh there's nothin' like the feelin', of comin' home
I'm comin' home
I'm at the carousel-I see you from across the station
Somethin' in my eye, or is it my imagination?
It's been a long time-We got a lot of catchin' up to do
Only one more day-I'll be here to stay

And with the love I long to hold
No there's nothin' like the feelin', of comin' home
'Cause I'm comin' home...Comin' home
Oh baby I'm comin' home
Coming home-I'm comin' home
I'm coming home to you
What a holiday-We're gonna have a celebration
Everybody sing-Everybody's jubilatin'
Have another drink-I didn't mean to keep you waitin'
Only one more day, and I'll be on my way
But you'll never be alone, if you save the love you're feelin', til I get home
'Cause I'm comin' home
Comin' home
Whoah baby I'm comin' home to you now!

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