The Suicide Machines - Ghost On Sunset Strip

Текст песни The Suicide Machines - Ghost On Sunset Strip

He told all his friends that he's gonna move out to LA
Burned his bridges, all of them, yeah
He's gotta move out to Cali
He's living in the sun
The stars at night under 'em
Underneath the overpass at Melrose and the 101

That's just the way it goes
It's not the city of angels
It's the city ghosts
That's the way it goes

So now he's living out here in Los Angeles
As for his addiction, he said he could always handle it
Hollywood downtown, he thought he'd be famous

In his madness he wallows around

It's Babylon, it's paradise, it's the promise land
It's Halcyon, it's silicon, it's meth cocaine and heroin
It's Starbucks and it's all looks, it's all real life TV
It's rusty scalpels and dirty needles, it's surgery city

Now he talks to himself alone out on skid row
Looked around, there was no one else
Is he laughing with the ghost of Marilyn Monroe?
The Valley suit is shining on a smog alert hazy day
The last time that I saw him he was down and out
Down and out in LA

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