The Verve - Already There

Already ThereThe Verve5:38

Текст песни The Verve - Already There

Seen it all I'm already there

Save your books and your pills
I don't need them I'm there

You can do anything you want to
All you've got to do is try

I thought my best days had left me
My best years had left me behind

Then I felt them come back (to me)
And all the wild eyes
All the wild eyes no what I mean

It trees cut stars and eyes to heaven
I'll bend them back and bend them again
If my skin looks tired and ol from living
I'll turn right back and live it again
You better pray when the music stops

And you're left alone in your mind
Cause I'll be hearing music till the day I die

Then I heard it turn off
I swear I heard the screams
And all the wild eyes
All the wild eyes no what I mean
They're scared they've lost their dream
They press down on me
You know I thought I was there

Hello high are you?
Yes, well that explains it
Oh you were walking rould like some kind of angel
You were walking rould like some kind of angel
Hello high are you yes
Well that explains it
Well that explains it

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